KVIS Alumni Website

A community of graduated KVIS students.

Kamnoetvidya Science Academy (KVIS) is a recently founded high-school in Thailand. It is a nationally highly ranked school concentrated in Math and Science with only 72 students per cohort. I was in the very first cohort of the school, and we took the honor of setting the standards of the school.

The KVIS Alumni Directory was created to maintain the connection and prestige even beyond graduation. The website contains what KVIS students do after graduation, which universities they attend, or in what area they pursue their studies. This would help younger generations to visualize their career path for their future. As seen on the landing page which summarize geographical locations where KVIS alums currently live or had lived, KVIS alums attend highly ranked universities all around the world.

Search results of KVIS alums in the United States (names and emails redacted for privacy reasons).

KVIS alums and current students will have access to all the information including their contact information. They can filter based on country, field of study, major, and many more.