The nicest handwritten note-taking application on Windows.

Emnote is a handwritten note-taking application on Windows (think GoodNotes or Notability for Windows).

Visit our website or our Microsoft Store page to try Emnote for free.

Why built Emnote?

There has been many Windows tablets with pen support out there in the market like the Microsoft Surface Pro. However, unlike the iOS ecosystem where there are many great note-taking apps like GoodNotes and Notability, things are not the same on Windows. Although Microsoft has its own note-taking app called OneNote, it only supports drawing/writing on an infinite canvas which is not suitable for all situations. For example, when importing a PDF of lecture notes or slides, OneNote places all the pages on its infinite canvas removing the ability to export them back to a nicely paginated PDF file. Several third-party note-taking apps on the Microsoft Store attempt to fix this problem, but the user interface and the writing experience are not quite polished and are merely usable.

Emnote, therefore, was built with these following goals in mind:

  • Pages have to be finite in size, e.g., Letter, A4, etc.
  • PDF files can be imported/exported without converting to or from images.
  • Text and vector graphics have to stay sharp even at high zoom factor.
  • The app has to run fast.
  • The user interface has to be polished and intuitive.

Emnote is developed by one person, namely me. This includes coding and testing the application, designing the promotional graphics and video clips you see on the website and the store listing, and marketing. These things take a lot of time and effort. If anyone wants to take part in making Emnote better, please do not hestitate to contact me.